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Pussy Riot: Statement from Flogging Molly via Bridget Regan

August 11, 2012
A punk rock prayer punishable by jail? The band have already served their time and then some...even suggesting they should still have to perform community service is rubbish. The band have already done their community a service in pointing out a lot of what is wrong with not just their own society, but society in general.

Is Vladimir Putin a tyrant? They seem to think so. Are religions and religious dogmas and doctrines taken too seriously? Absolutely. If the human race is in fact still evolving, our sense of humor had better catch up. It seems religion and politics are still the off-limit areas and Pussy Riot attempted to tackle both in one. Our governments are constantly trying to mingle religion into politics....and Pussy Riot called them out.

What the band did was essentially a peaceful protest and not something motivated by religious hatred or hostility as the prosecution suggests.

In fact, if you believe in any sort of religious nonsense, what they did was quite rational in going straight to the Virgin Mary herself and asking her for assistance in a cause in which they strongly believe they need help: to drive Putin away.

Any government that would jail someone for such an act or any religion that would condone such a harsh punishment needs to reexamine their own core beliefs. I was under the impression that the majority of our world religions were based on compassion, forgiveness and the acceptance of others differences? I believed the Russian Orthodox religion to be no different, but we should be well used to being left disappointed by our governments and our 'religious' leaders.

The music world is seriously lacking in not only women, but women who are willing to make a statement. By making a statement I don't mean fashioning a dress out of meat, or exposing your 53 year old arse cheek to a crowd of unsuspecting innocents, I mean a real moral or political statement. Pussy Riot pushed the boundaries, they did something different and unexpected, but more importantly stood up for something they believed in.

The world needs more Bjorks, more Patti Smiths, and dare I say it, more Pussy Riot.


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