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A note from Flogging Molly management regarding Green 17

December 07, 2010
Hey Flogging Molly fans,

We understand that some of you may feel excluded as Flogging Molly isn't stopping in your city for 2011's Green 17 Tour. Don't think for a second that the band isn't aware of the challenges of keeping everyone happy in this regard. Every year we get dozens of emails from fans just like you who feel like their city has been neglected, and for that we apologize. It's impossible to play each and every stop we'd like to due to time constraints, venue availability, and radius related festival restrictions.

That said, this year the cities of Pittsburgh, PA, Portland, ME, and Oklahoma City, OK are all getting their first Green 17 shows in the seven year history of the tour. Because these cities now have shows scheduled, we had to cut certain cities out in order to make room for these additional markets whose fans are finally getting a chance to see the tour hit their town. What usually happens is that if Flogging Molly misses a city during a nationwide club tour, they will always find a way to come back to that market for either a festival show or a special event show sometime in the near future.

To that point, as many of you know, the band is coming out with a new album in 2011 and a new album means lots and lots of touring! Flogging Molly will be touring regionally throughout the US in 2011, to include West Coast dates, a coast-to-coast Canadian tour, and performances at many major US festivals.. We promise that by the end of the upcoming year everyone will get a chance to see Flogging Molly.

Keep your eyes peeled at in the upcoming months for news on future shows, information on the new studio album, and much much more from the Flogging Molly camp.

Thank you for being a fan; we appreciate your loyalty and don't ever take it for granted.

Flogging Molly management


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