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Nick Powills talks to Robert Schmidt of Flogging Molly
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The interview took place before the band’s performance at the Vic Theatre, Chicago, on Saturday.

Where you be right now?
We are in Burmington, N.Y. We are doing a little tour right now.
How’s the tour going?
It’s going awesome, man. Things are going well.
And you are coming to Chicago. You’ve got to be pumped.
Um, we are always excited about coming back to Chicago. It’s one of our favorite cities to come to.
That’s what I like to hear, Now, Are you just saying that because your publicist gave you those orders?
(laughs) No, we truly love Chicago.
So are you going to go out and party when you get here?
Of course. We have a lot of friends there, so we are going to have to go out and see them.
Chicago has been good to Flogging Molly.
Yes it has. We recorded our first two albums in Chicago, so Chicago has been good to us.
What’s it like playing in the Midwest compared to the coasts?
I think the kids are a little more hungry for the entertainment. They definitely come with their guns playing. They are always high-energy shows and the kids go ballistic. Kids in the Midwest definitely get it.
So, you guys probably love playing off of the energy when in the Midwest.
Oh yeah, absolutely. Whenever you get to any place in the Midwest, it’s like that. And, Chicago has its own energy that is special.
What’s it like backstage with you guys backstage? What’s the party like?
It’s not too hard-core. We like our drink, and, um we like to just hang out with each other. You know, get the energy flowin’. Just have a couple of beers and get ready to have a good show.
And how are the ladies on the road?
Do a little stretchin’. How are the ladies?
Yeah, how are them beautiful Flogging Molly women?
Everyone in the band is married.
Oh, that sucks.
I don’t think Flogging Molly really attracts the best ladies (laughs). Flogging Molly is not the stud band of the year.
But, you guys do have some attractive females at your show, right?
Um, yeah, but, our crowd is kind of young. We are all getting up there. I’m not saying there aren’t some nice looking but…
Careful there.
More of the band for the single man who drinks his beer and cries a little.
I was afraid you would say something like that.
This is a band that knows all about its crying and beer.
That’s what I like to hear you guys touch everyone.
Exactly: we are trying to unify the whole scene.



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